Tuesday, March 15, 2016

It's 2016 and We're Still Waiting . . .

So back in September I wrote that I was not going to update this blog again until my house started, well it is March 15, 2016 and my house has still not started.  We are beyond frustrated at this point, and it seems we are not alone.  In fact none of the houses in our "second phase" has started because no plumbing or sewer or road has been installed.  There has pretty much been no activity at our development since Ryan Homes hastily sold all of the lots during the middle of last year.

During this process the most annoying aspect has been the lack of information and communication from Ryan Homes.  Our sales representative called us once a month from September through November with cryptic updates, and she never had any specific information about the delays or the house start.  It was really astounding.

So I must say I was surprised when at the end of February we got some encouraging news from our sales representative.  It seems that the developer that Ryan Homes has been working with has finally received final sign offs from the county on the water and sewer plans for the development and can now start on the infrastructure and site development.  And what's more - in recognition of all of the delays Ryan Homes is offering us an additional $5,000 towards closing costs - if we use NVR Mortgage of course.  We met with our sales representative in early March and went back through our choices - it has been so long that it was nice to go through everything again.  If all goes well, and at this point I will assume nothing, our house should start in June or July.  So essentially our house will be ready one year after we thought it would be ready.

That being said until they break ground we will continue to feel like we are in a holding pattern and were duped by a home seller more focused on tying up our deposit than making sure they deliver our house in a timely manner.


  1. O wow! I hope everything begins to start turning around for you. We are at the beginning stages in the process, we signed our contract two weeks ago.

  2. Hi Jasmine - Thanks for your note and congratulations! Things are finally moving for us. Our development has sewers now! Yeah! And the road should be going in soon. I will be publishing another blog post soon. Good luck with your house. If it is a comfort to you everyone else who was starting construction around the time I started this blog has finished. So I think Ryan Homes is fine - this has just been an unfortunate situation with the developer they chose and the county permit process.