Saturday, February 27, 2016

"It's Not Us, it's the Developer!"

So no our house has not broken ground yet, and no we do not have a new start date.  So we are still in a frustrating holding pattern with Ryan Homes.

We have been waiting for our house to start since July 2015.  It has been a frustrating situation as everytime we are given a likely start date it changes.  And I have learned something during this process that I think all people considering a build with Ryan Homes should know.  While under your purchase and sale agreement you are buying a lot and a house from Ryan Homes, according to my sale representative Ryan Homes is only responsible for the home part.  Yeah - doesn't make a lot of sense.

But according to my sales representative Ryan Homes works with a local developer who is responsible for assembling the property and preparing the lots for the build.  Once the developer has done that, Ryan Homes buys lots as needed to build its homes.  But Ryan Homes apparently has little control over how quickly the local developer can assemble lots, get site improvement permits or complete the site work.  And that has been the delay for our development.  The local developer does not have site approvals and so our lots are not ready and so we wait.  How long - who knows, because the answer from Ryan Homes is always "it's not us, it's the developer".

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