Friday, June 19, 2015

House of Cards?!

So today is June 19 and we signed our purchase and sale agreement on May 1 and according to the agreement we should have had a loan approval decision within 45 days of signing the agreement.  We do not have a loan approval yet, in fact I'm not even sure if the loan has gone to underwriting.  We gave everything we were asked to give to the loan processor at the end of May, so at this point I do not know where things stand.  I am trying to go with a no news is good news mantra, but I'm getting a little concerned with the lack of information.

As I reported earlier we received a ratified contract from Ryan Homes in early June, and since then we received an addendum increasing the price after our Guardian appointment, but we have not received an addendum increasing the price after our selection appointment.  Our sales rep says she is waiting for it.  That was a week ago.  So I'm starting to get concerned about that.  But again, I guess no news is good news.

One thing is clear right now I don't think construction will start on our house in July as we were told back in May.  At this rate we'll be lucky if it starts before the end of the summer.  Meanwhile our house officially went on the market today.  I'm not sure if I hope it sells quickly, or if I hope it takes a little time given that we are looking at being in an apartment for several months while we wait for the house to be built.

So lots up in the air

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