Friday, May 29, 2015

The Design Center - Part 2

So after giving it some more thought and looking at lots and lots of pictures of master bathrooms, I decided that I needed to make some changes to our selections.  I know, kind of crazy - but since Ryan Homes allows us to make changes to interior selections until the end of the month I might as well make sure I'm happy before I make a final decision.

But with Ryan Homes you can not just show up to the flooring center on a weekend and revise your choices.  You must make a new inconvenient week day appointment.  So I had my appointment at M&R Flooring on Friday at 9:00 a.m.  I was the only one in the showroom in the morning so I could really concentrate and pull together different combinations.  I ended up upgrading the tile in our master bathroom to a nice stone without a border.  This took us from Level C to Level D.  I just don't like the border pieces and I know a cleaner look will look more classic and make me happier.

To make sure costs stayed around the same, I downgraded my sons' bathroom from level C to level B.  So they will have white 6x6 tile on the wall around the bathtub and a 6x12 stone floor on the floor.  I actually like this better because the white tile will match the white standard bathtub and look more natural.  I also saved $600 doing this.

We are also getting a special order to tile the shower floor.  My husband really hates the standard fiberglass shower floor so I'm excited about being able to do a mosaic tile in the shower.

Finally I picked out a kitchen backsplash.  I am doing a simple bone colored stone in subway tile size.  I love the way it looks but it costs $1800 so I will see if I need to remove it to save costs before it is all said and done.

But at this point I am happy with our selections.

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