Tuesday, May 12, 2015

QA Backlog

We signed our purchase agreement with Ryan Homes on May 1 and per the contract we were required to apply for a mortgage loan within seven days.  We applied for a loan with NVR mortgage last week.  Before the appointment I sent over most of the required documents and after our appointment we had a few additional documents to send over.  Our LO (Loan Officer) asked us to send the documents over as soon as possible so that our file could go to the Quality Assurance department and then on to underwriting.  I sent over everything on Friday, but as of the close of business today our loan application has not gone to the Quality Assurance department.  Our LO says there is a backlog because of the number of loans going to underwriting right now.  Apparently the real estate market has really picked up in Maryland and lots of people are buying houses.  I guess that's a good thing, but I'm anxious to get the loan approval process started so that construction can start on our house in July as currently scheduled.  But for now we are waiting.

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