Sunday, October 9, 2016

Final Walkthrough and 3rd Party Inspection

So we are just about done.  We had our final walkthrough with our construction manager on Friday.  The house looks amazing!!  We are very excited to be almost finished with our build and have already started picking out/ arguing over furniture.  Lol  The final walkthrough took about two hours.  Our construction manager took us through every room and floor of the house and explained all of the major systems, the electric panel, water main pipes, gas fireplace, garage door, etc.

We are actually getting some really great energy efficiency and comfort systems that we did not expect.  We have two zoned heating and air conditioning and on the second floor we actually have two thermostats.  One thermostat just controls our master bedroom and closet because those are over the garage and a second thermostat for the rest of the second floor, but both are part of zone 2.  There is a thermostat on the first floor for zone 1.  We are getting a tankless water heater.  I may update later about how well this works, but we are excited about this feature.

Our house uses electric and gas.  We have a gas stove, gas dryer, gas fireplace and furnace.  We have an electric oven.  I'm glad we were able to set it up that way.

So we had our 3rd party inspector meet us during the final walkthrough and he did his inspection while we worked with our construction manager.  I would definitely recommend a 3rd party inspector - at either the pre-dry wall inspection and/ or the final inspection.  We only used a 3rd party inspector for the final inspection similar to the inspection you would get before buying an existing home.

The biggest thing he found was that the gas line was not hooked up to the furnace in the attic - basically if this was left undone we would have no heat on the second floor and would be wondering why.  Eek!  This seems like a big deal and I'm grateful he caught it.

So with a few final items to be corrected, we anticipate closing this coming week.  Wish us luck!


  1. Your blog is very helpful. Just bought in Aldie, VA!

  2. Your blog is very helpful. Just bought in Aldie, VA!

  3. The tankless water heater was something I thought about asking you about just last week....great that you guys got that and also the 2 zone heating and cooling, Rodney's grandpa said thumbs up to your heating and cooling contractor.

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