Tuesday, July 14, 2015

No Home, No Loan But Selling My House Next Week

Well I have not written a post in awhile because my build seems to be more or less on hold.  My house sells next week and after that we will be in a two bedroom apartment near where our new house is supposed to be built.

But we have not gotten any word on our loan approval and no word on when construction for our house will start.  Back in May when we purchased the house we were told it would start in July so I rushed to put our house on the market so we would be ready.  But now that seems premature.

I have decided to wait until I have officially sold my house before I start having a real fit with NVR mortgage and our Sales Rep - but the time is near.  It just seems ridiculous for the price we are paying to have so little communication or regard for the upheaval of having to put the kids in new schools without knowing for sure that you are even going to be able to build the house you want - or that it will be ready sometime this year.  It seems I should have paid more attention to the endless criticisms of NVR mortgage and Ryan Homes on the internet.


  1. Hope you hear something soon! It's ridiculous that your haven't received your preliminary approval from NVR yet.

  2. NVR mortgage can be a bit frustrating, they are terrible when it comes to communication. If they aren't returning your phone call, talk to your SR they usually have an easier time reaching them.